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# 1 Breadcrumbing my tasks
04-17-2011, 12:03 PM
Okay so the mission flow I've got is, player enters regular ESD talks to Contact A, then is suppose to move to a panel in another part of ESD and interact with it to trigger a comlink conversation and the "enter the mission map" stage of the mission. Thus far I've figured out how to hook up both panel and contact and write the tasks so they say what's what.

Big problem I'm running into is in the Map Transition box, the Map Mission section is giving me fits. If I name it "My Map Mission Name" that shows up giving the player no indication of where to go for the panel. If I name it "Go talk to X via comm in LOCATION" the next map's description keeps the "Go talk to X via comm in LOCATION" which doesn't work as much if this map is in deep space and you have mobs to kill and data to upload.

How do I breadcrumb from the info giver person to the map transition console?