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04-17-2011, 02:02 PM
Fair enough, thats what I get for not being a forum nerd, constantly buried in some text to make sure im an authority on everything so I can be better than anyone else.

Welp, I just wont waste my time. Let them keep allowing crap missions to be favored due to fleet allegiance, and anything else. As a 1st issue lifetime subscriber (something else I feel they shouldnt have re allowed, and at a discount!) just feel genericly cheated in many ways. SO ill just leave the game alone for a few months, not like theres anything I havent done yet, and heck Im paid up for life, and find soemthing else to play. Maybe when I return theyll have a sorting system worked out for missions that is actually reliable and have a way to keep the trash missions and things marked "test dont play me" and "Klingon leveler mission no end!" off the lists of available ready for review stuff. Hopefully theyll even have something like *gasp* a way to captain and crew your ship with players at the stations each performing thier respective jobs (sci med tact engin, ect) in a co-op manner from within a ship v/s.....pvm-pve or even pvp.

Ok so theres my rant, and im not going to do it again for, a few months so make what you will of it. Far as Im concerned like it it anyway! G'day all!