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04-17-2011, 02:35 PM
Well it IS possible to create a "1st person view" right now. But it has the disadvantage that you'd have to turn in on a litle complicatet every time you load a new map and that you cant turn it off once its active (or at last I dont know how to.
I personaly use it just on ground, in space its... well not that great.
Well if anyone wants to try it anyway; is prety easy.

1st: programm the command via console. You have to chose one not-yet assigned button, in my exampe the "b". then simply add /bind b "cam_distance_interp_speed 0" (you have to programm that for space and ground each, and for every character, of course just once)
On ground you have to turn of "use zoom cam with aim mode", because that breaks the 1st person view every time you start aim mode. It is the function above the "auto fire" in "Controls"
2nd: back a wall (on ground) or asteroid (in space) so the camera is insede the char = 1st person persepctive,
3rd press "b" or what button you ever choose.

Have fun.

Oh and: Id prefer a simply "zoom in" function too. Until then I'll use the 1st person mode that way. ..