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04-17-2011, 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by ainu
Near the start, if you contact Temporal Investigations, he says at one point:
I had some odd problems with fights that involved enemies moving through wall and fighting me from where I could not shoot them. Another was that odd bug where the Elite Tactical Drones would stop taking damage for a while, like what happens in the STFs sometimes.
I did run into some odd glitches (like my BOs being stuck running in place in what seemed to be an open hallway).
The holordeck portion is amazing in what you did with it, and I didn't see the transformation coming. The Undine "cavalry" was a great stylistic choice. The one nit pick I had was that the pathing and BO's tended to get a bit wonky in the 1st portion of the holodeck section of the mission. I ran into the same bugs as mention above. The run and respawn hit a couple of my BO and in the 1st borg fight in the section, all of my BO ended up behind the holodeck wall. I was able to finish the mission but it was a bit more tricky b/c of the wonky BO behavior.

Still thought this was a great mission and quite excellent.