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04-17-2011, 11:49 PM
Guild Wars is my personal favorite.

While there is no "open world" pvp, there is so much pvp variety, it would make your head spin.

All the maps are instanced, but they have:

Random arenas
Team Arenas
Guild Battles
Hall of Heroes ( 3 sides duking it out)
Cap and hold
Faction Battles ( Luxon and Kurzik sides )
NPC battles ( where you stand on a pedestal and command your NPC heroes to fight for you )

Don't feel like PvP'ing,... ok... just use the observer mode and watch any battle going on in the game... at whim.


And I am sure I am missing quite a few things.

There are TONS of maps.. maybe over 50 or more..

Also many maps have environmental factors,..such as lava or catapults or teleports.

Finally, they somehow manage to balance the THOUSANDS of powers, making for millions of combinations, that you can bring with you into battle.....because many powers have PvE and PvP stats.

The game is really the gold standard for good pvp.

I cannot wait for the sequel.