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04-18-2011, 06:07 AM
PvP per level is just as unbalanced as a T4 versus a T2 in many respects: the difference between a 11 and a 19 is substantial. You have more powers, you have better equipment, etc... Each time you rank up, its a lot like starting over. All your gear is now substandard and needs to be replaced.

If you assume a 1 on 1 you'd be correct: a T4 is more powerful (also note I didn't mention T5's and above, there wouldn't be much of a reason unless the match was a 8 v 8 or higher). In a 6 on 6 with only one T4 per team there's no issue. If all six chose to gang up on the T4 it'd get swatted no different than the current PvP. The change comes from maybe the T4 is just a tank to generate aggro and soak up damage while its team picks off the weenies. In this scenario team A ganging up isn't going to be as viable. You can't look at this one-dimensionally and assume input A equals output B.

Let's look at it this way, assume craft A beats craft B, and B stomps C, and C naturally whomps A. A team of all A versus B looks like a sure win. But what if both teams are all A's, or each team has one of each. I don't expect it to ACTUALLY be built like Rock-Paper-Scissors but it illustrates an important point. Each team doesn't know what ships the other has selected, and if the BUILDS are diverse and balanced to tolerance, its a completely more viable system than the one currently in place.

I know, its easy to say it won't work. But the proof is there, DUCO took that chance and it became the most popular option for these reasons. Look at the FPS genre, the trait systems in Call of Duty games has ****ed the experience up because a new player is at a huuuuuge disadvantage. The class methods, or the 'clean-slate' approach games like Homefront, Counter-Strike, Firearms and Halo use have been popular because it doesn't reward players to be better SIMPLY because they've invested more time. Instead, all players are 'even' in theory and skill and tactics (with a bit of luck) will determine.