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04-18-2011, 10:46 AM
First off, thank you Cryptic for being so wonderfully communicative with your player base. Having come from, most recently anywho, both WoW (where the company line was for you to suck it up if you don't like it.) and **** (Where we believe the Devs did not believe they Had a playerbase), it is wonderfully refreshing to see this. You won my loyalty to the game right there, before I started playing. Add to that the wonderful game and BAM! you def kicked it up a notch. Not saying I got no gripes, but pretty much everytime you have someone acknowledging it and then saying what your doing to fix it. Plus...

My major gripe is ground combat, but then... Who REALLY thought about ground combat when they thought about Star Trek? Just in general? Its about the spaceships!

Short Term
1) Alright so first, just keep doing what your doing. Your working to give us more, of everything. Just keep going!
2) More ships
3) More Gear. Just more man. Different variants on Kits and such, more guns and armors. More costumes.

Mid Term
1) A revamp to the Refit model that you use. Ok so I just made Vice Admiral. Im hoping from a state of the art Star Cruiser into a Galaxy? A ship several years obsolete. Sure you refit it, polished it up, and like a vintage muscle car when its cherried out there is a certain rumble the girls factor. But still...

My idea with this was that you let the Vice Admiral Refit whatever ship they like. Personally I dun get the peeps that want to refit a Connie and make it a VA ship, but hey... Whatever floats their Starship. Basically, and I am keeping this brief so I dun write six novels like I normally do, have a list for each class of ship, with abilities to choose from for the Refit. So take an Escort, your favorite escort, and update it to the Defiant Refit level of hits, slots and such, and then make a choice; More damage through an enhanced plasma manifold or a cloaking device. More options could be available too, this is just a shorter version.

It wouldn't be something a VA could just continuously do either. It would be a one time at VA, 500 Emblem, 1200 Atari Tokens thing. But it would make a much larger variety in the end game ships, as you could see Akira's and Prometheuses decloaking next to the Defiant, Star Cruisers with added armor next to a Galaxy saucer separation. A probably not simple way to add to the end game ammount of ships, probably a load of work and might never happen. But I could refit my Star Cruiser. (/shameless personal plug)
2) More ships
3) More Featured episodes. I know you guys are working at this, and I love what you say your doing for it.

Long Term
1) The territorial conflicts and starbases that have been talked about on the webcasts, like STOked, and mentioned elsewhere. Im really interested in seeing these.
2) More Ships (Seeing a trend here?) Even if I don't use them, I love most of the ships in game. Im a cruiser lover, but I love watching those escorts fly inbetween my beams, and seeing that Sci Vessel slide alongside and patch me up then fire away. So just more ship options, love seeing what you got, would love seeing more.
3) Keep on doing what you guys are doing. These are just some of my ideas, and there are Loads of good ideas here in this thread, and you guys are prolly kicking around many more around your offices there. Love the game! Keep up the awesome job of bringing something many of us dreamed of all our lives to virtual life!