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Originally Posted by tincampi View Post
Ok I'm going to review a Borg's mission, and tell which have been my first impact with it.
First I must start talking about "Infected" the mission that needs to be done to be able to go through the next one.
The first time I've playied Infected, it was just one day after when it has been created and uploaded for the first time.
It was not buggy, but at that time we were Rear Admiral 1 and there was not possibility to level up, so it has been a bit odd and just too hard to complete it...the space part took us at least one hour to complete it and the ground part was the worst thing I ever playied.
We were litterally overwhelmed by Borg drones! At one point, I asked if I was playing on star trek online or Lord of The rings online...during the Helm's Deep battle with 10 thousand Orcs! Or maybe the second world war!.
I don't actually know how we managed to reach the boss, but it was so strong that after half an hour of Futile Resistence we had to renounce to the mission...everybody was falling in the acid every second cause of the power of borg hits that were knockback pushing us.
Well, playing it for the second time at the Vice Admiral Rank with full equipped characters it has been literally another experience...It has been almost easy to complete the mission we managed all the mission space, and ground part in an hour and half one more.
But the matter of my review is not Infected, is "The Cure".
I've playied it some days ago for the first time.
Well the space part is really pretty easier then the one that you encounter in "Infected"; but the ground part is another time just as being in the second world war!
Even if is possible to complete the mission with a good coordination between team mates, It takes just too much time, some days ago we started the mission at 22:30 O'clock and at O1:15 we hadn't reached the boss yet. At that time we were trying to lower the last force field before the boss, but every time we died we had to do again all the way back from the previous force field point, and kill again all the borgs in the way...finally with my eyes exiting from my ocular orbits I decided to leave.
So, the moral of the tale is that some missions as "the cure" needs to be a bit easier I think, because I can't spend 4 hours of my daily time just for one mission...there are players that works and those who study that don't have so much time sometimes and because mmorpg players are probably used to pass much time online, but that doesn't mean that after 4 hours of a mmorpg and mission play you have to feel just weird and with a crap head pain. So finally I think that Devs needs to establish a maximum cap of endurance of missions, just something like "missions in star trek online must be not longer then 2 hours or 2 and half an hour in terms of time, time in which it must be garuanteed the accomplishment of the mission goal".
Watch our TV runs of the STF's (click me)You need 2 things, a team that works together and a VOIP program. You may want to throw White Knight a PM, he has an enormous amount of experience to draw from.. Together we did a 50-minute Cure run... which you can also see on our channel on Livestream...
The videos we made was to prove that STF's can be accomplished; and QUICKLY too. Also, we wanted to encourage more people to work together, so that Cryptic has a reason to make MORE STF's!

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