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04-18-2011, 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by Nerubian_Assasin1
You have bought up a good point here, actually this is something i would like to see be fixed to.

When we switch ships keep atleast our BOs assigned as it was in the old ship. If the new ship we are switching into does not accomadate the old BO layout such as switching from cruiser to escort and such, atleast keep one of the selected engs or Sci assigned.

The harder route to this fix is to allow users to save the BO layouts per ship class, if you want to take this route. Maybe 2-3 bo layouts per ship class if time and money permits
Well, different ships have different station layouts, so I wouldn't necessarily want my bridge officer layout from one ship transferred to a completely different ship type like a shuttle or a different class (eng, sci, tac).

I'd rather see it on a per-ship basis, unless you have two copies of exactly the same level and type of ship (not sure why you would unless you're running different weapon / console configuration on one versus the other?)... Even then, if you're running different stuff, you might have different crew slotted.

So, yeah, each ship should remember what officers I've assigned ON THAT SHIP the next time I return to it. I'm okay with setting it the FIRST TIME. After that, it should JUST REMEMBER. Set it, & forget it.

Especially with things like Delta Dailies where you have to constantly switch ships. It get s VERY OLD, VERY FAST to have to constantly reassign your crew when switching back to your primary ship (else, go into battle with none of your buttons setup correctly)....