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04-18-2011, 09:04 PM
Punishing players instead of fixing the mechanic that made the space grinds possible is uber poor form. And it would be a simple fix. You don't want people to "abuse" the Foundry for power leveling? Fine; just take Warp Core Breach out of game. Or if you want to be subtle, make it so you get no SP from kills that happen after you're "defeated." Problem solved. End of story. Ship grinds go away; everyone is "happy."

Instead you choose to revoke access to the tool for players who did nothing more than use the tool that you, Cryptic, gave them. That's just lame. You created the problem, so how about YOU fix it, rather than blaming it on your paying customers. That would be a lot more respectable than slapping Foundry authors with "EULA violations" and pretending it's their fault. This isn't a hack or cheat code or something; it's just the logical extension of a mechanic that you never saw the full implications of in your own designs. Don't punish players for highlighting your own phail.