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04-18-2011, 10:12 PM
While I agree that the missions where you spawn in a group of enemies, blow up and get 100 kills are obviously a misuse of the Foundry, I'm curious exactly where the line gets drawn.

I've played missions that had a significant amount of combat in them, and really enjoyed it too. There was not much dialog and what little there was could be considered "average" at best. Would that be considered a "grind" because the story was lacking and the enemy count was high?

At what point does an intense combat mission become a "grind" mission? In a mission focused heavily on combat, it's expected there will not be a lot of dialog. I think just because a mission has a lot of enemies it shouldn't be red flagged as an "accolade exploit mission".

I hope we get some very clear feedback from the dev team as to what is acceptable in terms of creating combat heavy missions so authors are free to push the envelope without crossing any lines.