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04-19-2011, 04:17 AM
If you are really into PvP the following MMOs are excellent:

1. World War Two Online

A niche MMO. Combined arms conflict simulation (Ground, Air, Sea) with WW2 backround. Pure PvP, no PvE, no grinding, no Endgame, but by a large margin the best PvP Sandbox ever created. One persistent world in 1:2 scale of western europe (east france, netherlands, belgium, west germany), allowing terrain captures and campaigns. Two sides (Allies & Germans). In standard campaigns the side which conquers the entire map wins.
Sadly the game was and is plagued by its hardware requirements. They are extremely high and so the biggest issue are not the monthly costs, but the need to have a top notch PC every 2-3 years.

2. Aces High II

Excellent flight sim with a ground war part. As an online flight sim, this is also a niche game. Really great community with an excellent PvP and sportsmanns attitude. If the usuall MMO PvP community would have only half the mutual respect Aces High players show, even the worst PvP enviroments would be a fun place to play in.

3. EVE Online

Although a level/skill based game it has excellent PvP. Even a newbie can fill an important role. Overall i think EVE is more of a society / world simulation than any other game out there, especially if you reach the zones where only players are active. Politics, wars, trade etc. everything ist there.

Space PvP in STO is also a good, especially because Crytic keep the item requirements pretty low. I worry this will change in the future with more endgame content, rewards and duty officer system.

From my view any PvP system in which the success of the individual player depends heavily on his "grinding skill" and not on his personal players skill is flawed. WoW was and is one of the worst games in this regards and i would not even go so far as to call anything in WoW PvP.