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04-19-2011, 06:32 AM
I have been experiencing alot of loading issues and very strange lag spikes as well, actually. It seems to have started since the Foundry went live on the Holodeck.

My net will be just fine, but I will get extremely long-infinite load times, usually resulting in having to close the client from windows and reloading it. Also, from time to time I have experienced very strange lag upon making it through these long load screens...

For instance, last night I was headed to Eta Eridani to help a fleetmember out with a mission. My load screen into the sector took forever. I was about to close the client when it suddenly went through. The problem is, when I showed up, none of my UI buttons would do anything, I could not move or even chat. However, there was no 'disconnected from server' in red like there usually is when a lag spike hits. In fact, I can still see other players warp in, move about, chat, the works. After a few minutes of waiting for it to sort itself out, I ended up having to restart the client anyways. This has happened to me probably 6 times in the past couple of weeks, with no sector in particular. I had never experienced this before these recent weeks.

I find it quite odd, and very annoying. I'm quite sure it's not my hardware, unless it decided to downgrade itself one night :p. It could be a bad link between me and the server farm, but it just doesnt act like it.