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04-19-2011, 06:54 AM
Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
Well, they did advertise Foundry as a way to "create your own stories" not to create your own missions. They could be using the "doesn't tell a story" standard when determining what to take down. WAG.
I am working on a kind of "combat tutorial" mission with the goal of teaching more about ingame abilities and PvP. It doesn't have a story, because I cannot believably create a story where names like "Beam Fire At Will" and terms like "Cooldowns" are used in a storytelling sense.

Is this mission illegal? Should my publishing rights be revoked? Is this something Cryptic absolutely does not want to see in the game? it is definitely not a grind mission. The enemies most likely won't die in their warp core explosions, and they are spread around, and there is lots of text.

But it's definitely not a story mission either.

What about someone that creates a large cityscape in the Foundry, just to prove it's possible, and to show off? Is that illegal? Should his publishing rights be revoked?