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# 1 Returning player LF fleet.
04-19-2011, 10:20 AM
Hi guys. I'm a beta tester from waaaaaaay in the early stages. I played for 2-3 months before i had to discontinue my sub due to me moving from the UK to another part of the world for over a year.

I decided to come back now my homelife is somewhat stable
What i need is a good solid active fleet that will take in a casual player ( i can only spend an hour every other day, maybe more, and most likely a few on weekends.), and wont mind someone who potters around in the new foundry designing missions and maps and generally taking their time in the game, and who can help me rediscover the game and get to know it again.

About me. I'm a 30 year old ex programmer turned chef ! So if possible, i'd prefer to be in an adult based guild ( though non of the childish adult humour if poss)
I live in the Uk time too, so an active Uk time guild would be great.

Hit me up here or in a PM if you think you can fit me in.