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Though the sound affects and visuals were impressive thats where the excitement ended for me.

For a TAC ship + cannon loadout this ship was a dead duck in tha water.

I decided to engage siege mode and suddenly, even with engine battery power engaged the ship speed was reduced to a crawl.

It cannot turn fast enough to mark a target. The Speed and Turn Engine (Very Rare) and the Accelarator Console made little difference. I felt like "Driving Ms. Daisy in a congested highway!" By the time I did found a target every single ship had discovered my lame arse and opened up on me like the Narada. It really was a "Siege" ship, just never anticipated I'd be the one under siege. No wonder I don't see many of them around.

Also, because it takes a certain time for the primary weapon to come on line its effectiveness was marginal as the target either raced past me out of range or overshoots my "love boat" nearly evertime.

~ Sigh - should have gone with my gut, as I had already been dissappointed by the B'Rel and the Orion Marauder, both a waste of good money.