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04-19-2011, 03:41 PM

The 528th Fleet began with the intention of only inviting a few of my real life friends to join. It was founded on March 17th, 2010. The Fleet started growing by virtue of people asking to join after teaming up with me. By April of that same year, our active members went from 5 to 50! This being the 3rd MMO I personally have played, I knew enough about various other "clans" or "guilds" to know that the only kind of lasting gaming community is one built through, with and by people! Many Fleets have come and gone, but we stand and fall as ONE! That is our motto!

If you're interested in joining our community, you should know something! We are awesome! We are primarily a social community. Playing the game with people is only half the fun, listening in on Ventrilo to all the jokes, and various "insider" gags we have is what makes the experience "special".

Our community prides itself on being open to anyone of any skill level, so long as they have a positive attitude! Negativity and drama are not tolerated, as we are too awesome to worry about the 10% that is BAD when 90% of our lives are filled with amazing and incredible opportunities for FUN!

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of making online friends. A friend is a stranger you just haven't gotten to know yet! The opportunities are endless... The majority of our player base are life-timer's to STO and some people have even met face-to-face! Also, the reason we have switched to being termed a community is because we play many, many other games besides STO! Star Trek Armada 2, Fleet Operations, Supreme Commander, World of Tanks, Rift, The Old Republic ( Coming soon ), Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 etc... etc... The list is a very LONG one!

So, here are a few guidelines to consider when applying!

Check it out!:

1) We accept only mature positive individuals past the probationary period. You must be available for an interview to receive an invite to probation. We prefer you be above the age of 21, however, maturity isn't always linked to age, so if you can prove otherwise, we will consider it.

2) You need to use Ventrilo. It is a voice-communication application that is free to use. It allows us to socialize, to play the game as a group more easily, and for raiding. You WILL be required to log on to Ventrilo for your interview. You don't need to have a microphone, but i guarantee that before long you will be running to the store to grab one and join in on the banter

3) No Drama. It is simply not tolerated. Be respectful of one another and have fun! The game is about enjoying whatever you get out of it with others, not despite them! We have strict rules concerning this.

4) Interviews are done through Ventrilo by an Officer of Admiral rank or above.

5) You must apply on the website before being considered unless you have been invited personally or sponsored by a member.

Please use your IN-GAME names when applying it will make it much easier to contact you.

We do not require you participate in-fleet events, but we do require you be social in some way. That's what we are all about, playing the game we all love, TOGETHER.

Thank you for interest,
Derek Slide, Proud Community Founder