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04-19-2011, 05:05 PM
Hello everyone,

Thank you for helping me keep this thread open.

First of all I must point out that we will not ever discuss any action taken on any customers account with anyone - except the involved customer. This will also not happen in public but directly; either using a private notification or through the ticketing system. But we cannot give the general public all the details. We cannot tell you for example that someone was banned because they used an exploit that turned their Tribble into an unstoppable attack monster which wiped out all of Qo'noS. We do not want to give people directions on how to break the rules.

This issue was discussed and talked about internally for a few days already and we have worked behind the scenes to fix some of the problems that came with the exploits in the Foundry. We do not announce when we correct some things, as we do not want to give people tips on what rules to go break quickly before the fix is in.

In line with this, we removed a number of missions from the Foundry. Sadly a few of these were republished almost immediately after we removed them. At that time, we chose to remove creation access to some users, whose missions were in violation of Star Trek Online's Terms of Use. We are also working on further corrections to the Foundry tool at this time.

I also understand that many of you have voiced yourself on these missions for some time. Please report missions that you feel go against fair play by being centered on farming / grinding or similar with the report functions in game. When you abort a mission, you will be asked to grade it. You can then choose to review it or to Report a TOU violation. If we would like to request additional clarification, you will be contacted by customer service. However, we cannot go into specifics on this with you through the forums. If CS contacted you, please reach out to them or, if you had problems doing so, to the community team using the ticket system.

We want the Foundry to be used for users to create missions. Set a scenario, create the world anew for yourself. The tool was not created to allow players to level up easier, to have a quicker way to gather Accolades, or similar. If your mission sets this as a goal in any form, we may take action. Please do not create missions that are geared towards boosting of any kind.

Thank you.