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04-19-2011, 07:31 PM
I struggled with this on the mission I'm working on. In the end I decided to make it so I beamed over to another ship's bridge. Unfortunately, this is not really possible in all situations. Using another bridge that isn't the players could be kind of weird. Knowing the Foundry's limitations, I'd be willing to "suspend disbelief" as part of the story, but I don't know how other people would react. A lot of people simply have no clue about the current limitations of the Foundry and how much effort we have to go through to work around them.

The bridge system definitely leaves something to be desired, but it really would take some effort on the part of Cryptic to solve it. The problem is each bridge layout is different, so you're going to need to place the enemies, interacts, and people working at consoles/etc in different places. In order for us to use the specific player's bridge, a completely modular system would have to be put in place, where you have certain predefined "slots" on each bridge where you can spawn certain NPCs, certain consoles that can be set to interact with, etc.