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04-20-2011, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by Jonas801
I dont know if it has been spotted here already. The tuxedo from the 19th or 20th century pack from the c-store for men, does clip when you turn left or right.

For testing purposes turn the jacket black and all thats underneath white.

I dont know from which stance this was, but probably normal or relaxed.

And the body itself was nothing rediculous. Quite standard.
Anything with multiple layers tends to clip quite badly. Stance and body shape and movement (especially movement) will exacerbate this. An example is wearing the veteran jacket over something as simple and slim as tight trousers like the 7 of 9 leotard. Combining those two on a slim female avatar in the "seductive" stance will have her hips and glutes poking out through the base of the jacket.

Originally Posted by bos142 View Post
Can we get the more acurarte rank pips as seen in the TNG. I attached an example, the Rerar admiral square thing is horrible. Also we need a realistic gold and silver colors.

Thanks Cryptic
The current TNG rank pins look pretty much spot on from my perspective. Could you be more illustrative with your description so I can understand what you are trying to assert?