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04-20-2011, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by Trueheart
There would still need to be a way to designate "friend or foe", which is what I meant by allegiance. And of course that reminds me I also want a way to toggle that status based on a trigger, and also after after a certain percentage of damage was done.

lol, seems like my wishlist for NPCs just keeps growing
That's three fairly reasonable requests:

1. Set allegience.

2. Allow allegience to be adjusted by trigger.

3. Have enemy health at X% as a trigger or at least a story objective, which can be used to set other triggers.

Add to that body sliders for costumes, branching story tab objectives, "catch-up" actions that port one or all players to a new spawn point on the same map, and the ability to swap or vanish NPCs and that's really everything I could need.

This last one you mention could be very fun. Imagine, for example, using it to create a multi-tiered boss fight. So that adds spawn at certain points, environmental effects happen at certain points, etc. (For example, the ground disappears when the boss is at 75%, and we then hit a reduced gravity volume object just before hitting the next layer of ground so that we don't take fall damage.)