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04-20-2011, 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by DeRavi
is there a way to drop them through the floor? I just hate the game mechanic of having to ask them to remove them.

I know I can make them fall a long distance and I might survive while they dont. Or I could put me just inside a low grav corner and float onto a platform that my crew can never reach cause they keep dying and spawning? Or would they just teleport to me once dead in any case?

You could rez them once on the ground.

My best idea is to require a player to send BOs into a room with waypoints that can only be opened from the inside and is required for a kill objective, while simultaneously requiring a kill objective from the outside in order to spawn the trigger on the inside that would allow opening the door.

The net result is that two players can split up and complete the mission but in a single player runthrough, the mission will only be completable through the use of waypoints and abandoning bridge officers. Do this four times and you guarantee a Captain is by himself or teamed with live players.