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04-20-2011, 09:08 AM
It actually does bug me a lot when I have according to the story someone on my bridge and it doesn't look at all like mine. Not only because it's not my bridge, but also because the colouring may be off than what my bridge looks like, my other BOFFs are not on it, or because it may be a huge extra large cruiser type bridge while I'm sitting for example in a defiant class ship, which itself may just be a little bigger than the story-given bridge.

For the same reason I try to avoid this when writing a mission up to have the story take part on a separate ship which is there for whatever reason the story says.
Even then I try to use a fitting bridge.

I added an Olympic bridge as a map, since it looks quite cool, but my intended ship is a different science class vessel. However the Olympic bridge has a large LCARS display of the ship itself, which would therefore be quite wrong on a, say, Oracle class ship and therefore didn't use it. It bugs me and I think it'll also bug other players, therefore opted for the Generic bridge option.