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Originally Posted by xforce007 View Post
See, i have no problem with this, just give the option and make it clear there is the option.. some people want that much involvement, but there are times i just need and want to keep the story moving.

I think there is some awsome work being done and dont want to put down anyones work, i just wanted to voice my opinion on the subject so just to say give me options when im in those situations where i dont have the time to stop :-)

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I think the key, longterm, is puzzles that aren't simply "insert correct answer."

One variation on this might be...

Place a door between the player and where they want to go. Interacting with the door brings up a dialogue option that tells them they need to lower the door.

They have five consoles to interact with. There are hints which console is the right one. Interacting with the wrong console will delete the door and replace it with another door that can only be removed by interacting with two other consoles. Interacting with the consoles replaces the consoles with new consoles that have different interact conditions and replaces the door with a door that has different deletion conditions.

Eventually, you'll need to create a scenario where the player either cannot make the wrong choice or cannot proceed and is told they have failed and have to start the mission over. But this can be after many iterations of the puzzle.