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04-20-2011, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by DeRavi
ok thats another good angle, but a bit too obvious if done on every map.

is there any way that we can make sometrhing like a pressure plate like in a recent episode, so they have to be on four plates, and then when activated the doors to those plates close?

Yes and no.

You could have very small waypoints which replace an object with a clicky copy of itself... and then replace the clicky with a non clicky copy of itself by setting lots of tiny waypoints off of the object.

But once the person stepped off, you'd need to do that again or else the person only gets one shot. Once something is triggered, it's triggered. You can untrigger it... But then you have to manually trigger it again.

So you could have small appearing and disappearing waypoints that do all manner of things but they go away when activated and can't be setup in a "while..." logic loop.