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04-20-2011, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post

Its a cruiser.. It have a ton of engineering slots..

That means a Engineering captain only moderately improves it (its quite able to spam heals without Eng Captain abilities)

On the other hand, a Tactical Captain gives it what it lacks the most, a ton of damage boost skills.

Sci captains are not nessecarily best in SVs. Tacs not nessecarily best in escorts and engineers not nessecarily best in cruisers

And again, even halfway matching the AGT performance of the lance is a bad bad idea.. As it stands, you get a free 5th frontal weapon.. A BOL4 so to speak, look to my sig for what is possible with a BOL3 (and that isnt even my best score)
That is a load of crap! the Lance at its current rating is not a good "5th" frontal weapon because its wasteful. It uses a lot of power with little punch. Do you get what I'm saying.? So what, the ship is a cruiser. That should not marginalize its weapon's power. I am a Tac Officer, and have my Dreadnaught to top specs as I can get it. I use the Lance as a first strike weapon but after firing it, I'm drained down to 50% or less power to weapons, and I don't have anything left to do damage to target's, exposed hull or weakened shields. It is a shame that my heavy cannons do more damage to shields and hull, with less power, then my Lance does with full boosted power. Fix it! Don't bring a teaser weapon in if you don't make it work like you advertised. Right now, its just a power wasting flash of light.