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04-20-2011, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
Better idea: Cryptic could integrate voice chat into their game. Oh wait! They're doing that already. Tada! I just fixed that problem.

The real problem with PvP is the fact that PvP players are leaving, and the only changes to PvP are going to come in the very long term - at which point there may be no one left to appreciate them.
Look, man I'm here for the long haul. People are leaving PVP because my complaint is valid. People are tired of getting slaughtered like cattle just because they can't communicate due to the lack of free vioce chat. If you are fixing that that great, so when do i try out the voice thing? How does it work? Do i just put on a headset and start talking to teammates? Another reason people are ticked off about PVP is that we are tired of the same old arena style battles. We are tired of having those warp gates behind us telling the opposing team where we spawn in at. We want PVP to be more flexible like Star Wars Galaxy and easy to challange Klingons, like on WOW, minus losing your gear.