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04-20-2011, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by TantalusOmega
Just last night I was part of a successful KA run that worked fine right up until the final space battle with Donatra. After we disabled the first wave of probes, everyone except me was given the option of following Donatra. So, I basically had to sit on the sidelines while they took her out, and the mission still counted as completed for me, so it wasn't a huge deal. It was odd and anticlimactic, though. I couldn't do anything to get to them, either. I couldn't respawn since there was nothing there to kill me (and self-destruct was grayed out), leaving the map and reentering didn't work, and logging out and back in didn't work either. I did file a bug report, though.
This is a common bug. What triggers it is if you press any buttons when the "follow Donatra" window pops up. The window pops up immediately after the last probe is destroyed and you exit red alert. IF YOU PRESS ANY OTHER KEY OR CLICK ANY BO POWERS while this window is open, the window will close, and you will not be able to follow donatra. This includes hitting eng team or other healing abilities. So always hit 'Follow Donatra" when the window pops up before doing anything else.

If however, you get stuck, there is a work around. Everyone must leave the system. Break team and re-form the team. The person that got stuck re-enters the system. Then everyone else enters the system. You will have to fight the initial spawn of probes again, but that's no biggie. Just remember to hit 'Follow Donatra' this time.

EDIT: Oh, and congrats on completing it. I knew you could do it.