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04-20-2011, 01:36 PM
- Are you have plans to implant 'funny' non-combat craftble items? (like the party popper)

- The Delta Flyer was a good step in the right direction for more complex crafting, any plans for more / harder and complexer craftble items? (ARGO buggy , ships and so on) (and make use of the commodities for crafting)

- Any plans for low lvl raids? (im not counting the FA's as a STF)

- If all the sector blocks opend for the KDF will we have missions on those locations? or is it empty space with some planets?

- Any plans for a account wide bank tab?

- When will you fix the ingame fleet calender?

- When can the KDF get some accolades what the FED's can obtain (kill Nausicans / Orions.., mostly for the Mercenary titel)

Keep up the great job!
and pls. more love for the KDF and Fleets they cant get enough