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04-20-2011, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by Middlemore
I like my PvP channel with a healthy dose of occasional drama and trash talking, keeps it interesting. Wouldn't be PvP if it was eternally nice and polite. I met some of the people I like and respect most in STO by trading insults with them in OPvP.

Carebears feel free to GTFO, though.
nah, people really need to be civil and not *******s. got to deal with such in rl with work, family, school, people dont want jerks in a game. so play nice or go somewhere else, let it be known if im online and you even think about causing a ruckus in organizedpvp chat channel you will be insta muted. perhaps its time for more moderators? send a tell or mail to @tybushman @lintyuk if up to it :/