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04-20-2011, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by ainu
I've tried doing this in my own mission, but I found that whatever line I use for that first objective becomes the map objective after you zone in, which always looks really clunky and dumb once you zone in. (ie: Go to the Kei System in Sirius Sector looks fine when you start, but is also the map objective heading AFTER you've zoned into the Kei System). After the first couple of people who played my mission mentioned the lack of destination, I went back to try to find another way to fit it in without making it look really weird, or wrong on the next map, but was unable to find a way.

In the end, I just gave up and left the 'where to go to' information in the grant text and the mission summary.
The trick I use for that is to put a Reach Marker on Objective at the Spawn Point on the first mission map. The reach objective is immediately fulfilled on spawning in, so the objective is marked off as done. I think that works very well. Well, at least the technical aspects work well, and having a marked off objective seems to make sense. Apparently some people still do not get it.

But Mission Description, Mission Contact Giver (Highlighting the Target Location) and First Objective _must_ be enough.

Otherwise, there is only Peregrine_Falcon's suggestion left. :p