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Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to posting here on the forums, although I have checked them fairly often. So, hi

Anyways, I thought that I would give the foundry thing a try, as I like to tell myself I have quite the imagination sometimes.

I have just recently finished my first mission for the Klingon side. On paper, it is the first episode of many I plan to do, in a season that consists of a story from the Klingon side, and one from the federation, sometimes following the same mission story, but at a different time, but from each factions point of view. The mission is called "Victory is Life", which I have just published, and am looking for reviews and some good feedback on it (positive and negative), so I can get a feel for the kinds of missions all you guys enjoy. In the interest of not completely spoiling it, I will hold off on posting the, ill call them issues, that I am aware of.

I hope you guys like it