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04-20-2011, 09:17 PM
I just finished one called Wargames. You've got a pretty good list here, though for people like me who think too much, you might want to mention not to use a second Holodeck 01 object for the fade-in (if you do, you'll get shoved out of the holodeck when it appears). I thought the effect would fade in and then disappear like the fade out, but it doesn't, of course, it's permanent. I must've not been paying much attention through the video tutorial. It might also be worth mentioning that hiding and showing buildings or other objects counts as 'effects' and will lag your fade in or fade out. Only show/hide the buildings that are inside the holodeck boundaries. If it's outside, leave it there permanently. Now, if only we could hide contacts and groups after they've been made visible...