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# 1 STO: Klingon Future?
04-21-2011, 01:35 AM
I don't mean to be a wet blanket...or to be negative...but are there any solid indications of what the future holds for Klingon players in STO?

I have noticed numerous ships added to the Federation Fleet lately...I looked at the engineering reports, and all that I gleaned out of it for Klingons was the addition of some Gorn variant skins, and the possibility that some of the gaps in lower ship levels will be coming soon. Everything else seemed to be focused towards the Federation, with some items being shared with the Klingon faction.

I know that the "player base" seems to be mostly Federation...and so perhaps that is where the money that what drives the addition of new content?

I am just genuinely curious. I have both Klingon and Federation characters -- three LTG Klingons and two VA it is obvious where I have spent most of my time...

Maybe I am glossing over key future additions to the faction without realizing it...that is possible...but I don't think I have seen the addition of any new KDF races...or any additions to the Klingon end-game fleet in terms of ships....nor any Klingon-specific mission areas, or expansion of territory....well...maybe I should take that last back...I think I did read something about more "shared" territory opening up.