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04-21-2011, 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
One thing I am worried about with a 3v3 format is that it is probably almost impossible to get training matches. 3v3 doesn't usually happen in the regular queues. And I am not quite conviced by the wisdom of this choice:

Do you really want 2 subnukes on each side?

Considering Teams composition has to be anounced before match, including toon, profession, ship... the other team can acomidate counters easily. one sci team is good to clear a sub nuc... so bring two sci teams

Why can't teams put themselves at a disadvantage if they choose to do so?
I do see your point... but then I would need to balance the the ship classes again for a mixed senario...
example : Carriers and cruisers are similar in hull and sheild but have a sci layout... So were would it go?How would you propose this change.
The league will never support Cruiser "spider heal" invincable teams. That is why the ship specifactions are a must.