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04-21-2011, 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
I believe we're specificly talking retrofits here. Of the retrofits the only Tac oriented ones are the BoP, Garumba, and Kar'fi. However the Garumba is 2000 C-points or months of grinding, and the Kar'fi is a flying space whale with the turn rate of a small planetary body.

Even the battle cruisers up to this point have been able to turn and get cannons to bear rather quickly, super escorts really, but the Kar'fi is... lacking.

I think a T5 Retrofit Raptor with a normal battle cloak would be a nice edition. Or the ability to get the Garumba with the LT.Gen token.
I was hoping for the Garumba for a LTG token, but alas it costs 540 emblems..I mean really???...540 emblems?...sheesh...I dropped the idea of getting that ship right then and there. I would settle for a raptor with some sort of enhancement to either weapons or speed...or shields even...Not a battle seems fine right now as it is...they'd take away hull, a BO slot, or something for that benefit.....Right now, I'm not in favor of modifying this pretty good ship for a BC.