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04-21-2011, 05:16 AM
Hi Lt. Gregory F Kelly,

Choosing a fleet is an important decision and can vastly impact the way you play, so choosing carefully is always a wise decision.

When I was looking for a Fleet which was only 6 months ago now, I wanted a fleet whose members were mature, active, busy, helpful and above all, fun to game with. Well I lucked in and found The {UFP}. The fleet has been around for 9 years now and supports a number of Star Trek games besides STO so it's not likely to disappear over night.

The fleet is an international fleet with a strong US/Canada base as well as members from the UK, East Asia and beyond. We have a team of Event Officers who run a variety of events all week in order for people to get to know each other, have an excuse to group and generally have fun. Sure we do the usual leveling events and STF's but we also do so much more besides. We run a weekly foundry night where we run the best foundry missions together, we are currently putting together a dueling league, we have weekly inter fleet pvp and sometimes co op with other fleets (like this Friday with the 3rd Fleet. )

Above all, we pride ourselves on being helpful and supportive. This is of course our play time and we strive hard to ensure that it is kept fun and enjoyable. We try, where possible to find ways to support our members in any way we encourage use of forums and TS and to provide feedback. We also encourage our members to get involved in running with the fleet in any way they want or can.

What we ask for in return is that you abide by our code of conduct and that sign a monthly roll call (which takes all of 30 seconds).

Feel free to stop by our website and take a look. We've not long revamped it and we're rather proud of how good it looks!

Grace Pryde