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04-21-2011, 08:06 AM
Even if it desn't make you guys feel anybetter, i have to say that i'm relieved.

Indeed i thought that this bug was a matter of ping (i play in France). Obviously not. This is a serious problem considering that STO is a REAL TIME game. There can't be any perceptible delay between an action and its occurrence without altering the gameplay.

What i personnally call the GHOST TORPEDOE hit me many times when fighting klingons in Starbase 24 and trying to escape the fight to recover.

The weird thing is that it ALWAYS results in a critical hit that inflicts 5000 to 27000 damage even though you still had shields.

I have noticed quite the same in PvP, except about the critical and damage.

I am a roockie so when i read that this bug RE appeared, i'm happy to hear that it once was not a problem anymore. Let's hope we'll have better days