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04-21-2011, 08:33 AM
my girlfriend is slightly interested in warhammer =o

we played a risk game the other day, and she enjoyed / liked it (first time playing risk) so i showed her some warhammer stuff, the tyranids perked her interest so tonight i might seduce her into a game with me to see if she likes it, and go from there =D
eventually i hope to have a semi-large space marine army (maybe the blood angels, the seem to be the most appealing SMs, and i also want to include a titan in the mix, space marines have the coolest titans that's why i want a space marine army ) and an even bigger sized nid army ^.^ which i will use as my primary... the hardes part is going to be painting and/or assembling the magnetic parts, i'm really not sure how to go about doing that...

do i a) drill a hole to insert magnet? (on the small peices that would be pretty difficult)
b) sand out the area where the maget will go (which i'd probably have to drill it a bit first anyway)

or c) just attack the magent? which if i do that the limbs won't really look right =/