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04-21-2011, 09:40 AM
Not sure if I fully understand your question, so here is my reply and apology if it is off base.

You cannot make a friendly turn enemy. You can make a Friendly interact with you and have several enemies start hidden.

If the diaglog goes the bad way, then you make the enemies visible.

Then once you've been triggered by the distruction of the last enemy group you can fake the first enemy escaping by doing something like... "Captain, a shuttle has just went to warp that came from the USS LostTheWar, and the first officer of LostTheWar is signaling"....blah..blah.blah the 1st officer surrenders.

Another possibility is to move your dialogue to the briefing room and if it goes bad you chain back to a different space map where the friendly is now an enemy. You cannot stop him (as best as I know) from being killed, but you can still insert a line about "before the ship exploded a shuttle was released and went to warp".

Hope this helps!