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04-21-2011, 11:43 AM
Ok, more detail...

I watched a video (actually, it was THAT video) that allowed me to send the ship to Sienae to enter the mission. So far so good.

I made the system map with a planet and moon. I placed a marker near the planet to allow you to beam down.

However, as you fly toward the planet, I want an NPC ship to decloak and confront you with a dialog. After a chain of conversation, I want it to send you to your briefing lounge to talk to your officers. Once you've spoken to your officers, the enemy can confront you again and you can fight him off.

I can't figure out how to make the dialog pop up when the NPC decloaks while you're en route to the planet; it always pops up as soon as you enter the system.

Getting into the lounge shouldn't be a problem, and I can have the NPC talk to you while you're in the lounge so he can be hostile right away when you reenter the space map (ie, a new space map).