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# 8 Really cryptic
04-21-2011, 11:48 AM
wow, Thats 7 items for the c-store and no items for us for free. I would have appreciated the fact that we are not getting new features or content for this ship to be given to us and if you wanted the consol you pay 400 pts.

Stop it with the gemmicks and c-store crap. You will have people start to realize this is not a game but a way to sell star trek virtual stuff and not focus on the game. You would have made a big difference if you gave this ship away for free.

Are you kidding me, That ship is tiny and it was able to take 6 photon torpedo shots from a galor. come on guys lets be realistic here. these videos are not reality of game mechanis and most def are not apart of what will happen in the game. I dont know why another lie is being sold here but its a shame, a clear shame on cryptic.