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Currently I am having fun killing loads of Romulans for the Empire Defense Against Romulan Aggression quest as KDF Commander in my Norgh BoP.

The quest itself requires you to kill 3 Romulan Battle Groups in the Azure Nebula, while in the system however you get a counter for 12 Romulan Squadrons. So my logic tells me that for this quest to finish I need to kill 3x 12 romulan squadrons… However what I do not understand is why the quest constantly finishes after 12-15 squadrons (Combination of Fighters, BoP’s, but preferably Mogai Escorts and D’deridex Battleships) instead of my logic telling me 36.

What I would like to know:
1. Is 1 Battle Group a specific amount of ships? instead of what I think a certain amount of squadrons.
2. Is the quest simply bugged?

At this moment it is 400 skill points about every 10 minutes (not counting 6 minute quest countdown after finish). At this moment I do not complain (much), but is this not a bit over the top compaired to the extreme slow leveling from Lieutenant up to Commander?