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04-21-2011, 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
Hi Grand Nagus:
When it was on Tribble, you played my Mission: "A Relic's Return" (link); gave it a good rating and sent me a nice e-mail with a more in depth review of it and said you were looking forward to part two.

I've now ported it over to the Live/Holodeck server, and I am working on part two; (which will be the conclusion to the story if all goes well, and I can fit the rest into one mission, which so far looks like iot will.); and would love to get more feedback on it from interested players. Once I have the next part up, I'll definitely announce it.

So far, the Holodeck version of "A Relic's Return" has received a nice review from someone at Starbase UGC (link) and Peregrine_Falcon did a nice review on it too (link)
Thanks for that reminder