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04-21-2011, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by V_Silverwings View Post
To be fair to Cryptic they have less Klingon content to draw upon than the Federation and so any original content would need to be apporved by CBS from the ground up unlike the ambassador where if it looks right, plays right, feels right, they'd rubber stamp it more easily. The new Enterprise F contest is a sign of how much effort Cryptic needs to go to bring out new original content for the Klingons. I expect the Romulans/Cardassians will be fairly similar.
To be fair cryptic has had since launch to improve the klingons to date they have failed horrible at this task. Maybe that change in season 4 but I doubt that. The record for the last few month so that not the case. Sure we getting a few bones in season 4. But the more i hear the more I hear about the stuff the federation side is getting as well.

New tutorial for both sides. So again nothing new or extra for the klingons.

Klingon academy. Great but fed getting starfleet academy.

Rework Qonus. Yeah several month after esd was reworked.

PVE mission to level. But no real new mission. Heck they going to go the chessy way and add weekly to the leveling. In other words. Forget new mission. Meanwhile the fed get remaster missions.