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04-22-2011, 05:00 AM
Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright
First 3v3 league?
Actually, the original introduction for the league was made in a different forum about 2 weeks ago. Since there was no response from the non-PvP community (unfortunately, the one's we hoped to interest) we decided to repost in the PvP forum.

Originally Posted by Hurleybird
Because of restrictions, there's a very good (about 2/3) chance that if one player cannot make a match the substitute will not be able to fill in anyway since he will not be qualified as per the regulations.
Hurleybird, I don't think you realize, we are registering players by @names and therefore ALL of a player's toons are open for use. We are restricting substitutes in that you are only allowed to substitute one player for a match with a registered Free Agent. So, the team can consist of either 3 original or 2 original + 1FA. Many, many people have multiple toons from multiple professions with at least one ship from each classification. This is how we think that the ease of creation will be permitted.

Originally Posted by Hurleybird
Lastly, I'm not crazy on the idea of free agents being tied to particular teams once they fill in. The original picture I has was the free agents would roam between teams and form their own teams and fight each other, as well as do exhibition matches against premade teams and other teams of free agents -- that it would be a fun way to meet new people and fleets and share knowledge. There is significant advantage if you want to have set class/career requirements that free agents be able to fill in where they are needed when they are needed.
I agree with this; I forget what our thinking was behind the restriction. We'll open FAs to be available as needed, but they must be from the registered pool of FAs as well as claimed and posted before a match. After the match they are released to FA pool.

I believe with the FA change and the @name registration our original restriction on profession/ship-class provides plenty of flexibility to form teams.

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully
On the KDF side, I would say that they should pick from this list:
BoP, Carrier or Fleet Support Vessel
Escort or BoP
Cruiser / Battlecruiser
One of the important features we want to provide is complete cross-faction teaming. Using your suggestions, we are going to try a modified "holy trinity". The modification being the treatment of BoPs, Carriers and Cruisers in cross faction teams. FED has 3 classifications: Escort/Science/Cruiser and KDF has 5 separate classifications: Escort/Science/Cruiser/BoP/Carrier. The modification comes when cross-factioning: BoPs & Carriers = Cruisers. With this, we also think it prudent to require that cross-faction teams have their layout review by STOC Administrators. This will be to ensure their build won't disqualify the team.


FED team: Defiant, BoP/Carrier, Nebula (the BoP/Carrier replace the Cruiser).
KDF team: Raptor, Excelsior, Varanus (Excelsior replaces the BoP/Carrier).

A plethora of in-faction ship-class combinations exist for the Klingon faction. I believe this is logical counter to the FED ship variety.

Originally Posted by Kilawpilath
I still find it funny looking at the ship Listings... and the proof of how one sided the game is.. I mean yeesh.. Feds get so many more ships of each type compared to the KDF.. Oh well... Have fun all..
As it stands now, the KDF has more classes of ship than FED. (Granted you only have 9 different ships and FED 14, but this also provides for a greater variety of builds for the KDF.) With the BoP/Carrier/Cruiser special rule I think we've made complete cross faction teaming a reality.

Mancom, I think our changes address your some of your concerns. With regard to the 3v3 ques, none exist; the system won't even start a match with less than 4v4. We will have to run exposition games as much as possible through the OPvP channel.

If you are suggesting that we remove ships from the FED side, well, that just ain't gonna happen; so what else do you suggest? We want this league MORE accessible to ALL players.

We need and want you to talk to us. I think we've demonstrated that we WANT your input. This league is restricted to SPACE not faction.