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04-22-2011, 04:11 AM
Originally Posted by V_Silverwings View Post
To be fair to Cryptic they have less Klingon content to draw upon than the Federation and so any original content would need to be apporved by CBS from the ground up unlike the ambassador where if it looks right, plays right, feels right, they'd rubber stamp it more easily. The new Enterprise F contest is a sign of how much effort Cryptic needs to go to bring out new original content for the Klingons. I expect the Romulans/Cardassians will be fairly similar.
It is certainly true that there is less to draw upon for the Klignons than for the Federation.
You are correct that in order to get close to the stuff the Federation has in the game, they'd have to extrapolate even more because there is less material aviable.
However that would only correctly apply to this game, if Cryptic had exhausted all possible avenues and included all there is to draw upon.
If all canon ships were in, for both the Klingons and their allies, all existing uniforms etc.
However since that is not nearly the case, you indeed make a valid point in general but since there are several threads where people point out that there is a great deal of familiar material still missing or incorrect (the K'tinga is still missing the aft torpeod launcher it has had since 1979) it does not however apply to the situation.