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04-22-2011, 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by Bracknell
I thought the foundry would change things.

I was growing very tired and annoyed by all the combat heavy missions in STO and was hoping to do some well thought out non-combat story driven foundry missions like Conjoined (only one short battle in it).

Non-combat missions would a much needed relieve from all that pew pew that we got from cryptic so far but I can't find any more non-combat foundry missions.

If there are any please tell me. I would like to play those and review them.

I am in the process of putting together an episode where it is completly story driven. I may put a little combat in part of it because it would actually add to the entire story.

In this episode you can expect to see a new alien species that will cause a Deep Space station ( not that one) to go sort of crazy. You will have to travel by yourself to complete missions because your away team will have to leave you to take care of other jobs. I am about halfway through it. The working title is HARBINGER