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04-22-2011, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by gsquaredncnp
Tactical. Fully specc'd into beams. 4 Phaser relays (or proton mags, whichever weapon I am using) DBB up front. No buffs on the opponent. Weapon power at 125. Sometimes with AP:A or AP:O up. I have an EPS console. Accuracy 15%.

Even if the opponent has EpTS up or another dmg reduction buff it seems waaay more effective than mine. And I have spec'd into beefing up my shields.
IMO If you using 3 or 4 DBB front, use faw3 and 2. Beams lacking the überpowers like Rapid fire. Just have FAW what is like scatter volley(AoE), and if u fly escort or excelsior, you can still use BO3. Without such skill like rapid fire, youll not do much damage with DBB.
About BO i dont know how it works. some ppl are missing 80% of BO3, some just hit with almost every BO3 shots with 30k+ dmg.

If you fly excelsior, you can boost damage with EmptW+DEM3, together with FAW, so you will hit the hull with a decent dmg. Works without FAW too if u dont want to use the lameskill. But that lame skill is the only skill what has longer duration than BO.

Or use BTSx skill but that is really silly, and unefficient against cruisers or anyone who has engineering team, or proper batteries And those skills doesnt boosting dmg at all.