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04-22-2011, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by Middlemore
Despite having received a little nerf a while back, Shield Resistances/Heals are still the most powerful way of protecting one's self, and if people are clever with their power settings/skill use/batteries it's quite easy to keep shields up under any amount of damage. Emergency Power to Shields + Transfer Shield Strength will happily laugh off the alpha strike from any Escort - throw cross-heals from team-mates into that equation and the difficulty of scratching a target increases exponentially. A properly tanking/healing-specced Cruiser or Science Ship will also have enough shield resists/heals in a continuous cooldown cycle that they will be literally unkillable for a standard Tac/Escort in a 1v1 situation.

The only solutions are to a) Be very intelligent in paying attention to your target's buff bar, spotting a gap in cooldowns between their major shield resists/heals, and wait until that moment to unleash your full alpha strike against them, b) Have Science Officers with you who can use Subnucleonic Beam to strip the targert of their shield buffs and allow you to do your job and make the kill, or c) Roll Science Officer yourself and put it into an Escort so you can do the buff-stripping and follow-up alpha strike of your own accord.
And if you get shoot at, try to get the highest shield power what you can get. More shieldpower=more resistance. Those skills was nerfed, but i think its compensated with the power=resistance changes
And even low aux power TSS can give you nice shield resistance and HoT, but ofc higher is better.